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Look For Wholesale Distributors Before Shopping at a Children’s Clothing Store

Executive Summary About Children’s Clothing Stores By Sue D. Carson

It wasn’t long ago when I was managing a children’s clothing store and knew the many ins and outs of selling and buying kid’s clothes. It was an interesting task to learn how to help little girls find appropriate clothes or help the grandmas find clothes for birthdays or holidays. The other thing you learned as a manager was the different price points on clothing.

I couldn’t even buy these clothes as a retailer at such a low price. The reason why wholesale retailers are able to sell their clothes at such incredible prices is because they look for manufacturers or wholesalers going out of business or bankrupt.

Chic Clothing and Accessories at Pebbles – Pune Children’s Clothing Store

Executive Summary About Children’s Clothing Stores By Trupti Shetty

The clothes are neatly segregated as per types – jeans, skirts, dresses, party wear, salwar kameez and ghaghra choli. The posters of the clothes displayed make decision making easier. In party wear they have a glamorous peach sequined dress for Rs. 765 from Leh Berry. We found a designer piece in black crushed cotton teamed with leggings and a crushed stole stitched in Anarkali style really hip. In traditional wear the boys have great choices too. Cotton churidar kurtas in variety of colors like white, beige, orange, blue, black and cream are priced at Rs. 520 and are perfect for the hot summers.

This Children’s Clothing store also has a wide variety of jeans, cargos and trousers to be teamed with smart T-shirts. They have casual sets and party wear sets too. In casuals we liked a yellow T-shirt teamed with green cargos from Chase and in party wear their designer embroidered shirts in colors like pink and white in corduroy are good picks. The jeans for boys and girls are available for Rs. 700 and more. It includes baby’s feeding accessories, cosmetics, accessories (socks, towels, mittens etc), bath products (soaps, shampoo, tub etc), utilities (teethers, combs, puffs etc) and clothing and inner wear. Pay and park facility is available on MG Road.

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